"Since that time I have made extensive restorations. Upon learning that this boat still had its original bottom, I had a professionally installed 5200 bottom done along with any required service. The boat was restored with new keel, new chine boards, new gripe and new lower transom boards. The work was done in northern Wisconsin by Steve Bunda of Crandon, Wisconsin an experienced restoration shop. I have attached photos taken while the work was in process. Additionally I have had the interior completely reupholstered by nationally known Jacquart (Ironwood) with classic Forest Green in “roll & pleated” style. I put $30k into these projects this year. I believe these restorations will serve this boat when she turns 100 in a few years. You may also recall that this boat was repowered with a Crusader V6 with heat exchanger. I had the engine tuned up this spring." - John Peters, the owner.

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