storage service
Storage and Seasonal Preparation

The number one reason to have a wooden boat is to maximize your time and enjoyment out on the water. Fox River Valley Boat Company offers the best in convenience services. We can do it all, from when you need us to put your boat in the water to proper storage when not in use. Our specialists can also prepare your boat for spring as well as winterizing for storage at the end of the boating season.

In and Out Service
Winterizing Preparation
Spring Preparation
Winter Storage
Summer Out of Water Storage

Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

Fox River Valley Boat Company can perform routine maintenance as well as complete rebuliding of any mechanical or electrical parts for your wooden boat. When it becomes time to return your boat's operation to peak performance, we are your source for all of your needs.

Motor Tune-ups
Complete Motor Rebuilds
Motor Repairs
Starter Repairs and Rebuilds
Wiring Troubleshooting
Wiring Replacement

Body and Hull Maintenance

Hull condition is essential to maintaining the value of your boat as well as providing maximum enjoyment during the boating experience. Fox River Valley Boat Company can perform any hull work necessary to preserve optimal condition of your boat.

5200 Bottom
Plank Replacement and Repair
Bottom Painting
Hull Refinishing and Maintenance

Brokerage Services

Fox River Valley Boat Company offers a full range of services for buying or selling a boat. From our physical showroom to our website, to consigment programs and financing, we have all the tools necessary to present your boat to potential buyers.

Sell Boat on Consignment


Restoring a classic wooden boat to its original look and feel is our specialty. Since 1929 we have provided boat owners the opprotunity to restore their boats to like-new condition. Whether it is a small restoration or a complete teardown and rebuild, we have the expertise to restore your boat. To see an example of our process of restoring a wood boat, click here or click the Restoration link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Complete Teardown and Rebuild

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