Restoring a classic wooden boat to its original look and feel is our specialty. Since 1929 we have provided boat owners the opprotunity to restore their boats to like-new condition. Whether it is a small restoration or a complete teardown and rebuild, we have the expertise to restore your boat.Below you will find a general overview of the restoration process. The boat in this example is a 1954 18' Chris Craft Riviera.

(1) All new wood planks are installed for a 5200 bottom.  The floater frames displayed on top of the boat will be installed in-between the main frames inside of the hull.  (2) New bottom and transom boards with floater frames installed and screw holes are ready to be filled. (3) The plugs are being saw cut.

restoration one


restoration two


restoration three


(4) Sanding all areas prior to applying varnish.  (5) 12 coats of hand brushed varnish are applied.  Between each coat the varnish is sanded.  The deck streams are also striped.  (6)  All wood work is completed and the motor is to be rebuilt and painted.

restoration four


restoration five


restoration six


(7) Varnish is completed and the motor is mounted.  (8) All applicable items are re-chromed.  Upholstery is also to be installed. (9) The fully restored boat is ready for the water!

restoration seven


restoration eight


restoration nine


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